Educational themes for each hike vary. 

Themes may include:

  • Wildflowers and trees
  • Small and large animals and birds
  • Ecosystem relationships
  • The Changing seasons
  • Geology (study of rocks) and formation of mountains
  • Rivers/water ecology, its impacts on the landscape 
  • Wildfire, benefits/drawbacks
  • Using your four senses to explore nature

PLEASE NOTE: Start and end times are approximate. Approximate start and end times will fluctuate based on weather, hiking pace of the group, etc. Your guide will send you an email the day before with exact start and estimated end time informed by weather, drive time, etc.

Start time: time you need to be at Walking Mountains Avon Campus to take transportation to trailhead. 

End time indicates time you should be back to your car at Walking Mountains. 

Thank you! We look forward to being on the trail with you!

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